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23 October 2003
Matt takes a walk.

I'm walking on the pavement on the right hand side of the road. The building to my right is four storeys high and continues along the length of the street. Between the pavement and the building is a trench [1]. A black fence [2] separates the pavement from the trench.

For about ten metres there is a cutaway section [3]. This cutaway occurs twice. [4]

The topology - the trench, the fence and its connections, the swimming pool full of water (and the open door and the fact that room must be connected to the hotel door between the two cutaways) [6], the cutaways with the beam and the pillar and the hole at the back - the topology makes me weak at the knees.

Before I saw this, leaving work on Friday, I saw a man with a mirrored cycle helmet [7]. Then a man leaving his office and doing a double-take at the pattern of bark on a tree. Then a man with blue trainers. The complexity of reality brought tears of joy to my eyes.

1. The trench is a few feet wide and one storey deep; windows open onto it from the building's basement. Occassionally there is a door, and occassionally the door it open, and through it I can see down onto the end of a swimming pool. The pool is full, and once I have seen a person lifting herself out of it.

2. The fence is metal and consists of narrow bars spaced at about two or three a foot with a rail almost at the top (the bars turn into short spikes). Every ten feet or so there is a long bar, perpendicular to the fence, which connects the rail of the fence to the building.

3. For this section, instead of the building coming all the way up to the pavement, everything above ground level is recessed by about six metres.

- At the front of the cutaway, on the edge of the trench, there are flowerboxes [5].

- At the very back of the cutaway, there is a hole in the ground that appears to be another trench. This one is wider, and does not go the full width of the cutaway, only the right-hand two-things. [4] It's on the left of one, and the right of the other.

- At the level of the first-storey floor (at the top of the ground storey) and at the very front of the cutaway, a stone beam crosses. Half-way along the beam, a pillar goes down to ground level. On top of the beams are repeating stone bollards crossed all the way along with a stone rail: a stub stone fence, basically, with many more holes.

4. In one of the cutaways, the rearmost trench is just a hole. In the other, a translucent roof bulges above ground level a little from a building below.

5. Once I saw a person watering the flowerboxes. She held a long metal tube.

6. Except - I've realised - that's not the case! The hotel door in the middle of the cutaways is on the other side of the trench, and the trench continues underneath in a tunnel! So to get in the hotel you have to cross over a bridge. But: To the left of the left-most cutaway, there's a little road into a mews. The road is actually a tunnel because the first storey and upwards crosses over above. The mews is a 'T' shape, where you enter at the stem of the 'T' and the roads goes left and right (these are both dead ends). On the stem of the 'T' and on the right is the entrace to a fitness club. The fitness club must lead to the pool.

7. The mirrored helmet reminds me that everything I see, everything I'm feeling is patterns of sensation in my brain; that I don't relate to the world directly but have the impression of the world inside me. That no matter how much I describe it, this topology only comes into existence in my internal reconstruction, and the wonder and awe and beauty and happiness I find in the isness, I carry it with me everywhere. In that context, the reflecting helmet representing the internal brain state it envelopes is for me half joke.

And half cathedral.


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