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Things I Don't Have

16 July 2001
Matt says there are thirty-two.

Here is a list of things I don't have, but wish I did:

A larger flat.

The ability to fly.

Full and free use of a crane (although, apparently, one can be hired for as little as 250 pounds sterling. I'm not sure for how long, but long enough I'm sure to go to somewhere extremely flat with a conspicuous lack of anything tall, and drop things from great heights, leaving people to find curious craters full of broken tins of spaghetti).

Enough exercise.

My own television show.


A hunk of Canadian cheddar and a cup of tea.

Dry trousers.

The power to rip birds from the sky with the electricity that leaps from my hands.

A talking egg.

Perfect abs.

A whole army of talking eggs, each with a flamethrower, the means to use it, and a degree in Oriental Languages from Cambridge.


A giraffe that can play the harp with its long, black tongue.

Two giraffes that can play the harp with their long, black tongues.

A cigarette.

A big red Panic button.

A harp.

Another harp.

The authority and democratic mandate of at least two continents.

Thousands of bees tethered with cotton to a central pillar, all milked daily for bee cheese by a voluptuous bee-milking maiden who would tug at those tiny tiny teats with delicate silken fingers, sitting on a stool hidden in the folds of her linen skirt.

No, not that kind of stool. What kind of bee-milker would shit herself? The very idea of crap passing through such a perfect pinky-brown puckered anus is abhorrent. Rather I mean a wooden stool, with three legs, made by her big-bearded wrinkle-faced now-dead great-grandfather, who has (had, sorry) two legs.

Although this is a list of things I wish I had (but don't), I don't want the above item in the list. That was a paragraph of clarification, not an item.

As was that.

And that, and this. Back to things I'm wishing I had, but don't:

The fabled Lost City of Atlantis just at the end of the road and round the corner.

Dark and terrible, yet strangely glamorous, secrets.

Tourette's Syndrome.


A rampant, passionate, juicy fuckfest with aforementioned bee maiden, the golden tresses of her hair tickling my face, and the fuzzy furry bodies of two hundred and sixty seven bees brushing and stimulating those parts of us where the sun don't usually shine (although today it will, as we'll be slippery and naked outside on the side of a mountain in the Alps, in a bee meadow, posts topped by swarms of bees making their music all around us, whilst simultaneously we make the noisy moist squelchy squealing music of lurve).

An enormous hole in the ground, the shape of which is the exact inverse of Beirut.

Freedom from the tendency to get mildly but very definitely turned on by certain words, including "folds", and "nipple".

Startling and fearsome followers made completely of animated vegetables with marrows for thighs and aubergine cocks.

The absolute truth about the life of Jesus Christ, but as told in the language of Dalmation, the last speaker of which died in the 1960s attempting to clear a roadblock with a landmine.

Your virginity.

In my front room, a larger-than-life-size horse made of solid glass.


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