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29 August 2002
Matt doesn't have the words

At the restaurant that evening it's just like any other meal out until I remember it'll all be over soon and I get nervous for a bit. I have an odd suspended feeling like I'm already single and accidentally flirt a little with the waitress. In the loudness and hubbub Sarah looks at me piercingly; my elation turns into crushing tension, but it's okay she thinks it's something else.

"You're trying me make me jealous, aren't you?" she laughs, oblivious. In turn, my tension evaporates into contained rage. This is why I hate her.

The email client paused for a second before emptying my Outbox as if to say "Are you really sure you want to send this?"

I go out for a jog. The croissants I pick up on the way back are soggy and Sarah won't eat them. She says she's hungover after last night. Usually I'd comment that she always says that, that's she's drunk too much twice a week for three years and every single time said she'll never do it again. But in my trepidation strangely she doesn't bother me so much and I pretend to go downstairs to fetch strawberry jam to hide my half smile.

Finally she vomits and I accidentally on purpose let her hair fall into the stream of watery puke, ruddy from the wine.

Three and a half years ago my nerves were just the same. I'd laugh out loud at inappropriate moments and hug my thumbs in my fists to to stop drumming my fingers on my thighs. By the time I asked her to marry me she thought I was about to admit I was a murderer, or been cheating. It's the only double-take I've ever seen her make, a surprised "yes!" when she thought she'd be having to get rid of me.

Sarah is very in control. Apart from that one time, she never cries, she never gets upset, nevers laughs properly, never really guffaws. Just a small amused, distant look. It drives me mad. Three years of trying to get a reaction, three years of being treated as distant as the moon.

So I searched on the Web, emailed around, paid a hitman and arranged to have her shot.

My nerves are almost completely balanced by the relief I'm feeling at soon being free of her, but as it is I'm jittering and barely worth talking to. When the bang comes we're walking to the shops and I have a cartoon vision in my mind of a car bomb or lightning strike before Sarah slumps to the ground. I've known it was coming, sometime in the next two days, but I must say it surprises a tear or two of shock out of me.

It's sunny and hot, there's not a single cloud. The blue is pale and washed over the sky, a bright white blue. Suddenly I notice how vast the heavens are, how tall and spacious it all is. The city is a circle around me on the horizon. Forward and back is the road, illuminated a slate colour by the bright sky and edged by a living fuzzy green of trees. The townhouses around me are baroque with gutters and slates, detailing on the brickwork. The shadows striped and crosshatched over everything are themselves still bright making a patchwork of stained glass windows, a cathedral of the trees and the cars and the yellow brick.

It's photographic in its crispness, lucid, I see all of it for the first time. Even while the roaring motorbike is receding I still feel like I can see the bullet hanging in the air, shining like the sun, and I try to grab it.

I find myself on the ground with my hands in Sarah's hair and wet with blood and the world implodes to these five pure sensations: the bright field of red in front of me, the unexpectedly heavy weight, the heat of the sun on the back of my neck, the gravel sharp on my knees, and the wet on my cheeks that for some reason hasn't stopped yet and if anything is getting worse.


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