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The online life of bigplaty47

18 September 2002
Matt has been reconstructing.

(After August 22 2002 there are no further entries.)

22 August 2002: IM extract

call_me_katy: hey honey why weren't you there???

call_me_katy: i waited for two hours!! :(

call_me_katy: is something wrong sweetie..... are you there??

call_me_katy: i thought u really cared i thought you wanted me

call_me_katy: were u just stringing me along?????

call_me_katy: that's so unfair, to use me like that.

call_me_katy: why weren't you there???? say something!!!!!

call_me_katy: I'M CRYING i thought i knew you, i thought i might love you

call_me_katy: and you do this, you did this

call_me_katy: YOURE MAKING ME CRY

call_me_katy: you have no heart. no heart at all

bigplaty47 has signed off.

22 August 2002:

tonight!!!!!! [6.13PM]

17 August 2002:

btw, am meeting k. for the 1st time IRL next week!!!!!!!!! [2.21AM]

16 August 2002:

just been AIMing with k. about sam and dave. they'll be in the middle of their holiday at the mo, probably going to loads of clubs and meeting loads of fit birds. it's really funny but i'm not pissed with them at all now. if they hadn't knifed me i'd be on holiday so i wouldn't be here and if i wasn't here i wouldn't have met k. so that's lesson 2, every cloud has a silver lining! [11.51PM]

i found a great link! do you reckon this guy will realise that collecting underpants makes him a FREAK? man there's some weird people out there. [2.04PM]

10 August 2002: IM extract

call_me_katy: saw yr post yesterday :(

bigplaty47: hi d! yeah

call_me_katy: you don't need friends like that. do without dave and sam

bigplaty47: look after #1, that's what i say now. lesson learned i reckon

call_me_katy: don't be like that! *some* friends are worthwhile ;)

bigplaty47: mmm sooome friends. what kind of friend are you?? ;>

call_me_katy: wouldn't you like to know :p

bigplaty47: maybe i would.......... lol

call_me_katy: do u have a photo? mine is here

bigplaty47: hey is that you! you might be a "worthwhile" friend!!

bigplaty47: ;)

bigplaty47: you there???? oops!

bigplaty47: katy?????????

call_me_katy: just being called for supper! gotta go

call_me_katy: another photo :)

bigplaty47: ..... :D wooo!

call_me_katy: xxxxxxx

call_me_katy has signed off.

9 August 2002:

why do people have to be so shit? (seriously now guys) .... okay so a bit of story. at the beginning of last term (easter!) i was talking with dave and sam loads about going on hols. we planned tenerife and we found a hotel and everything. it was going to be wicked. just so you know readers, i've know dave since i was 11 and sam since i was 14. i grew up with dave... we used to hang around town together and last summer had a wicked time out on the pull. i let him drive my car. sooooo in july, we're about to all book tenerife and dave says he hasn't got enough money and then sam says 2 people is rubbish for a piss-up holiday so he doesn't want to come either, and it falls to bits.

THEN LAST NIGHT we're at the pub and giving it a bit of chat and i say "out on the pull tonight then?" (that tonight as in tonight not yesterday night) and dave goes "uh" and sam goes "um, got a plane tomorrow". and they're going to ibiza together! leaving me!!! they didn't even say!!!!!!

all that time dave was saying he was poor, him and sam were planning behind my back. well who needs them. who needs people like that.

you learn lessons in life. well this is lesson #1: you can't trust anyone apart from YOURSELF. other people just want to stitch you up and rip your guts out, and friends are just people waiting for the chance. i don't need em. [1.50PM]

4 August 2002:

sorry!!1 haven't hd much time for surfing the world wide web for you today, readers, so no cool games...... but i got my first email from all you out there!! hello katy!! [8.10PM]

1 August 2002:

2 things today -- numero uno KITTENS. and number 2, you're gonna love this flash. so ultra cool. (um and HELLO WORLD. is this what they call a first post? ^_^) [6.32PM]

31 July 2002: System log extract

[Log level 5] Initial boot sequence complete

[Log level 5] Axon matrix initialised

[Log level 5] Neural cluster abstraction matrix initialised

[Log level 5] Tree-parser weighted and pre-calculated

[Log level 5] Counterfactual engine booted

[Log level 5] External reality shroud initialised

[Log level 5] External interfaces initialised

[Log level 5] Internal and external environment linked

[Log level 5] Connection to public internet established

[Log level 5] Personality loaded

[Log level 5] Memory backstory: Unfrozen... Loaded

[Log level 5] Boot sequence complete

[Log level 5] Simulation "bigplaty" version Running


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