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How it all works: Cars

15 April 2002
Matt calls it infotainment.

The secret of cars lies in the material of construction and the placement of the wheels.

The tyres themselves are made from a hard rubber derived from oil and developed by the petrochemical industry. Oil itself is concentrated life: rainforests and dead animals compressed and distilled over hundreds of millions of years. The life-force inherent in these things has been squashed and condensed (which is one of the reasons oil is so thick).

Now, about the morphogenetic field: Permeating the entire universe is an energy field arising out of complexity and bonding together like-for-like patterns wherever they're found. The morphogenetic field is what contains the form of all oak trees that one particular acorn may grow into; resonances in this field are responsible for species habit, karma and the like. Oil, as dense as it is, responds to this field in the same way as violin strings interact with sound waves in the air.

And resonance is a very important concept here -- when two things are in sync they tend to stay in sync and have even greater consequences. Consider a child on a swing. If they're being pushed at the same rate as they swing, they'll swing higher and higher: The push and the swing are in resonance.

So it is with the oil that makes the rubber, and the life field.

We tend to think of the morphic field being quite different across species. Just because a person eats cheese, they don't acquire the habits of a mouse for example. But really, life is life, and the field on Earth is very different from that of an asteroid or the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. So the life-field on Earth joins everything together, and we call this field Gaia.

(Gaia has a life of her own, by the way. Our brains are simply energy fields after all, patterns in the morphogenetic field that have caused proteins to migrate across the skulls, axions to grow, neurons to move into place. The field causes the pattern. And as Gaia's field is so much greater and more complex than our own brains, so she has a correspondingly greater consciousness. We are as aware of her as a skin cell on our toe is aware of our whole being. But that's an aside.)

Gaia's global field makes a kind of shell over the entire Earth, a skin of life over the rocks. But the rocks and the minerals have their own place in the fabric of the solar system and need to feed from the solar wind. Being constrained on almost all sides by the life-force creates a struggle below the crusts of the continents, an almost equally balanced battle for the mineral energy to overcome the animal/plant energy and rejoin the cosmic background. It is this struggle that creates the heat and turbulance in the Earth's core, ironically the same heat that life needs to survive.

At some times and places, Gaia weakens (often when mankind damages her consciousness by disrupting the natural interaction of other manifestations of the morpogenesis) and the inner-cosmos breaks out, being apparent as earthquakes, tornados, volcanoes and the like. This is always the case in the Arctic and Antarctica where the life-force is almost non-existent: The mineral energy bursts through in these two zones and causes the Earth's magnetic field (it recombines with the solar wind in a dazzling display of light we call the aurora borialis).

The magnetic field and the morphogenetic field can easily interact. You may have seen experiments where a coil of wire and a magnet may produce motion. The magnetic field is forced into plumes at the North and South poles by the life force and it is this that keeps the Earth upright, and also why the planet spins so fast in the solar wind (it has been proven that if the Earth wasn't so covered with life, a day would be 25 hours long).

Back to cars:

The car itself is a metal chassis which forms a driving cabin. Rubber rings attached to the underside of the chassis form a nexus in the life field, and due to their unusual morphogenetic density have extremely high morphic resonance. This pressure in the energy field levitates the chassis so the metal isn't touching the ground, usually by a few inches. The rubber itself interacts with the fields around it and pushes away from the ground (which is acting as a current carrier for the mineral energy). It thus achieves a form of antigravity.

Propulsion is simple. By rotating the rubber wheels, a vortex is formed in a direction counter to the resonance direction. Because the rubber is millions of years old and has been stored stationary beneath the ground, its habit of not moving is very strong. The reaction of the morphic field against the rubber when this habit is violated manifests itself as a pseudo magnetic field.

The pseudo-field of the car and the magnetic field of the Earth itself interact and produce motion, and this is why there are four wheels: there must be a balance between North and South at all times. The other two wheels then act much like sails on a boat. Altering the orientation of these sails using the steering wheel changes the direction of interaction of the two fields causing the car to turn corners.

The faster the wheels turn, the more the morphogenetic field resists against the habit change, the more motion is produced. And so the car moves forward.

Next week: How karma, reincarnation, the profusion of angels, the hollow earth, and quantum zero-point energy make lightbulbs work.


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