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Having and losing

31 October 2002
Matt gets lost in London

Work at the time was the bookshop of the British Library and Katie started working one Monday morning. "Hello!" she said. "Hello," I said, and also: "Shall I show you where to leave your coat?" because it was raining that day too. Although it was just a shower, and in the evening it was still bright and blue and warm so we walked to Starbucks to buy coffee.

London in the early summer isn't nearly so swarmish. People dart about still, but they're lighter in the air so going down the street is like striding through a cloud of blossoms, or butterflies, buffetted out of the way by the slightest breath just ahead of you.

I'm not sure what having cancer means, in much the same way as I'm not sure what having a girlfriend means. Or not, as the case is now. It's certainly not the same as having housekeys. Cancer definitely isn't, because you can't lose that in a pub by mistake like with keys, but on thinking maybe a girlfriend is. In my case, yes it is. This is pretty much a year and a half ago, during the summer again, and along with my mobile phone and my keys I left a piece of Katie at the pub and David accidentally took that piece home.

We slept on his floor that night. Katie and I arrived back at the flat and stood on the street while I searched my pockets and she got angrier. In the end I used Katie's mobile to phone David to ask if he'd seen the keys and he hadn't but offered the floor of his front room to crash. Which we did, both of us cold, and Katie facing away from me, her lips white and tight.

And that's how my girlfriend, my ex girlfriend, came to go back to the place of my old schoolfriend the first night they'd met, a milestone that'd taken her and me six months - from British Library to Tottenham Court Road - to reach.

In retrospect she wasn't angry, only hiding her eyes which no longer held that picture of me. Maybe her eyes hadn't changed however, and it was just how I saw them.

The next day we went to the zoo where Katie didn't laugh at my jokes but did at David's, and to a bar which I had to leave early because my stomach hurt for the first time. Katie didn't come home until 2, but had had a good time.

I kept the dogs and didn't bother putting David's number into my new phone. People always say they're sorry when they find out I have this disease, but I tell them it's okay: It's not something I have, it's something that has me. And if it's sunny, or raining, or I can smell the smoke of roasting chestnuts I feel a burst of nostalgia for the moment and my skin tingles all over.

When I return to the flat from my clinic I crouch down and the dogs crowd me, shoving and licking my face. I tell myself it's the cancer making my stomach feel heavy, my arms full of moving, stinking hot doggy life, and that one of the glands that the tumours have mushroomed out of has been squeezed into releasing chemicals into my blood, and that's why I'm beginning to cry.


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